Sahelinvest is a fund management and advisory company based in Nouakchott

“Our investment philosophy is geared towards supporting small and medium-sized businesses with high growth potential transforming them into key players locally and in the sub-region. “

Our mission

Private Equity

Our investment philosophy is based on supporting local entrepreneurs by providing them not only with capital but also with advice in various fields. In fact, investing in small structures which, in the majority of cases, have little formalization in terms of structuring and procedure requires not only an injection of capital but also technical assistance.

Sahelinvest has thus set itself the task of assisting them in better formalizing their businesses into modern and sustainable structures capable of producing goods which can be substitutes for imported goods and providing first-class services.
The Sahelinvest team, made up of professionals from different backgrounds, will rely not only on its own skills, but also on a platform of recognized specialists in their areas of expertise.

The objective of Sahelinvest is to promote an alternative solution for the financing of SMEs in the Sahel region, barely targeted by private equity funds. Private Equity is an accessible financing solution for all ambitious and visionary entrepreneurs. In the Sahel region, as in most countries of sub-Saharan Africa, accessing to traditional financing is difficult.
However, considerable efforts in recent years are to be welcomed.


Sahelinvest has also developed a range of services for larger structures. These are advisory services in fundraising, restructuring and business intelligence. Indeed, Sahelinvest provides fundraising services thanks to its large professional network in West Africa and beyond. Moreover, Sahelinvest provides tailored consulting services to development partners.

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